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The Maricopa Brewers Act

WHEREAS, Talossa's friendly neighbour across the river, Milwaukee, is home to many professional sports teams; and

WHEREAS, the Milwaukee Brewers, an MLB franchise, is one such team; and

WHEREAS, the Ziu has, in the past, officially encouraged Talossans everywhere to refer to the Green Bay Packers of the NFL as the "Florencia Packers"; and

WHEREAS, Maricopa is much closer to the Brewers' Miller Park than Florencia is to Lambeau Field; and

WHEREAS, Maricopa is actually the closest RT province to Miller Park; and

WHEREAS, the "M" on the Brewers' caps could just as well stand for "Maricopa";

THEREFORE, the Ziu officially states it is acceptable to refer to the Milwaukee Brewers as "The Maricopa Brewers"; the Ziu also officially encourages the usage of the latter form in all Talossan publications and broadcasts.

Uréu q'estadra så: Albrec'ht Stolfi - (Ind.-Maricopa)

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