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The Archive Nationalisation Act

WHEREAS the office of the Secretary of State is currently trying to create a website which will contain as much information on the Kingdom of Talossa as possible, AND

WHEREAS not all of that information is currently publicly available, AND

WHEREAS some of the citizens of Talossa do have personal copies of that information AND

WHEREAS As times goes by, memory fails and document are destroyed, therefore possibly losing part of our history AND

WHEREAS other part of these information is contained in books protected by Copyright laws AND

WHEREAS some of these information are actually public information that should be available freely or for cost for all Talossa citizens

THEREFORE the Ziu resolves that:

At the end of this bill is a list of documents requisitionned by the office of the Secretary of State.

Any Talosssa citizen having a copy of said documents is asked to communicate with the Secretary of State in order to determine if these documents are needed

If this information is not published in a copyrighted book, if the Secretary of State requests a copy of these document, the citizen is requested to send a copy to the Secretary, in exchange for the payment of the cost incurred of copying and sending the document

If this information is published in a copyrighted book, if the Secretary of State request information contained in the document, the author is requested to send a copy of the book, in exchange for the normal price and shipping charge for the book.

The Secretary of State then has the right to publish the information from the book, free of royalties and of the obligation to indicate the source, provided this information is the raw information that would have been obtained or computed by the Secretary of State of that moment. Comments, analysis and other information are still protected by copyright law, and this bill should not be viewed as an attack on copyrights.

APPENDIX : List of documents touched by the law

- Clarks : List of bills proposed during in a Clark - Cosa Membership : List of members of the Cosâ and their number of seats if applicable - Senâts Membership : List of Senators - Clark Voting : List of voted of individual MCs and Senators on bills proposed in a Clark, along with the summarize data - VOC Votes : How individual MCs voted on the VOC - Prime-Dictates : List of Prime-Dictates issued by the Prime-Minister - Vetos : List of bills / PD issued by the King or the Prime-Minister - Veto override attempts : Votes on override attemps - Election Results : Individual votes of citizens during a general election, a partial election, a senatorial election, a governal election or a provincial election, along with summarized results - Issuing of Writ of Prorogation and Writs of Dissolution of the Cosâ - Cabinet nomination and membership - Citizens lists containing the name, province, date of gaining and losing citizenship along with the Talossans Name, date of Birth, location and occupation - Referendum questions, along with the individual and summarized voting results - Organic Law and Constitution versions, along with ammendments. - List of bills repealed or voided by newer legislation - Cort petitions and the Cort verdicts - Membership of the Cort : list of members with date of nomination - Information contained on Ballots kept in archive when no list of voters is available

Uréu q'estadra så: Marti-Pair Furxheir - (PC-Atatürk)

Scribe's note: the name of the sponsor of this bill was changed from his non-Talossan name to his Talossan name at his request.

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