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The Crust Cremâ Crapadâ Act

WHEREAS, democracy in itself allows people on different sides of the political spectrum to voice their opinion, and

WHEREAS, these opinions therefore can be totally opposite of ones own, and

WHEREAS, most people shrug those off as merely being opinions of loonies, and

WHEREAS, unfortunatly these same opinions provoke a lot of aggression in some other people, and

WHEREAS, bottling up of aggression is very unhealthy and potentially dangerous, and

WHEREAS, the offending party can hardly object to a weapon they themselves use at occasion;

THEREFORE, the Ziu hereby grants to any irritated citizens, a full and complete Royal pardon (with the King's blessing, of course) for any Crust Cremâ Crapadâ (whipped cream pie) thrust into the face of any anti-war demonstrator. If the demonstrators complain about this, take action to protect themselves, or resist the Crust Cremâ Crapadâ maneuvre in any way, it will show their complete and bald-faced hypocrisy to the world. If they meekly submit to the maneuvre it will show the purity of their cause.

Uréu q'estadra så: Uglhán Cruceatúl (RCT-Florencia)

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