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The Primary Intelligence Group Act

The Primary Intelligence Group Act WHEREAS, Talossans recognize that the information age has arrived, and

WHEREAS, The threat from other nations, micronations, fanatical organizations and extremist individuals is real;

THEREFORE, The Ziu creates the post of "Minister of Intelligence" who oversees the "Primary Intelligence Group" which:

Is chartered to collect, analyze and disseminate vital information to our Seneschál and others as directed. Operates separately from, but in concert with all other domestic and allied information collection agencies, military organizations, law enforcement agencies and other groups as directed. Provides briefings to the Ziu as directed by the Seneschál. Will be divided into three branches, which, respectively, may be headed by a Deputy Director, and are known as: General Operations Directorate - which conducts clandestine operations, information collection and other duties as directed. Analysis Sub-Section - which conducts information analysis and other duties as directed. Internal Information Security Sub-Section, which conducts intra-agency security operations and other duties as directed. Uréu q'estadra så: Ron Rosalez - (RCT-Vuode) Robert Ben Madison - (PC-Vuode) Mximo Carbonèl - (Senator Florenciâ) Jeffrey Ragsdale - (Ind. RCT Maricopa)

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