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33RZ10 — The Succession to the Throne Act

WHEREAS, King Robert I has no natural descendants, and

WHEREAS, through his marriage to Her Majesty Queen Amy, King Robert has acquired stepchildren who are lawful descendants of the House and Dynasty of Rouergue, and

WHEREAS, the King and Queen have participated in the raising and training of Louis, the Queen's bright young grandson, with the intention of providing for him a good education and a wide variety of helpful and positive experiences for life, and

WHEREAS, Louis is commonly referred to in Talossan parlance as "the heir to the throne,"

THEREFORE, the Ziu hereby:

  1. Grants a formal writ of adoption naming King Robert I and Queen Amy as lawful guardians, under Talossan law, for Louis Adam Guzmán,
  2. Grants to Louis the formal title Louis Adam, the Prince of Prospect, and
  3. Acknowledges Prince Louis Adam as the lawful heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Talossa.

Uréu q'estadra så:
King Robert I

Scribe's Notes

  1. Clause 1 of this act was repealed by 35RZ1, An Act to Repeal the Royal Adoption

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