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33RZ16 — The Use of Talossan Names Act

WHEREAS, Talossan citizens in the past have changed from the use of their non-Talossan to their Talossan name; and

WHEREAS, this change in names can create confusion for other citizens and difficulties with official and historical documents;

THEREFORE be it resolved that the Ziu hereby declares that the Office of National Names shall be revived with an appropriate structure as determined from time to time by the Ziu. Members of the Office of National Names shall be sufficiently versed in the Talossan language so as to be able to develop names for all citizens.

Be it further resolved that:

  1. Talossan citizens, upon naturalization and with consultation with the citizen, shall be issued a Talossan name by the Office of National Names. Talossan citizens shall be free to make use of either their Talossan or non-Talossan name.
  2. Within one month of becoming a citizen, Talossans shall publicly decide which name they would prefer to be known by. This decision shall be respected and this name shall be used in all official correspondence and documents.
  3. Talossan citizens are entitled to change their name whenever they so choose; however, names will not be changed in official and historical documents. The name used in these documents will be the name selected at the point of naturalization.

Be it finally resolved that in special circumstances, a Talossan citizen may make an appeal to the Office of National Names to have their name changed in official and historical documents. If the ONN rejects the request of the citizen, the citizen may plead their cause before the Uppermost Cort. The Cort's ruling on the matter shall be final.

Uréu q'estadra så:
R. Márcüs Cantaloûr (Senator, Atatürk)

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