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35PD2 — Identifying Non-Citizen Forum Participants

I, Sir Fritz von Buchholtz, Seneshal del Regipats Talossa, with the full weight and authority of my august position do hereby and forthwith declare the following Prime Dictate:

WHEREAS the number of people participating on the Kingdoms internet forums has lately increased dramatically, and

WHEREAS the reasons for this increase is the recent passage of the Wittenberg is for Talossans Act, which allows the Prime Minister to invite non-citizens to participate in these forums, and of the Umpteenth Immigration Reform Act, which allows access to prospective immigrants, and

WHEREAS it would serve the Kingdom best to have non-citizen participants on the forums clearly identified as such, and

WHEREAS such identification would also alleviate the confusion that has been expressed by a number of new citizens and others, and

WHEREAS the custom in international relations is to issue passports to foreign immigrants, now

THEREFORE all non-citizen participants of the internet forums of the Kingdom of Talossa shall heretofore be identified by a specific avatar graphic, specifically an image indicating a passport for invited guests, and indicating a visa for prospective citizens. Further the "personal text" to be used by such persons shall also be fixed as "Applicant for Citizenship" or "Invited Guest" or "Foreign Citizen" or "International Tourist" or other such language, at the determination of the forum administrator as he or she determines appropriate.

The forum administrator shall enforce the provisions of this Prime Dictate, no portion of which shall be construed to limit the freedom of the citizens of the Kingdom of Talossa to choose and assign their own personal text and avatar for use on the forums.

Done under my hand on this, the 4th day of February in the year 2006.


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