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35RZ27 — An Act Against Religious Bias Amendment

WHEREAS one of the present titles of the King is “Head of the Unorthodox Church”, and

WHEREAS no such Church actually exists, and

WHEREAS, even though the word “unorthodox” (when not capitalized) bears the meaning of “unconventional”, when capitalized it has a particular set of theological meanings, and

WHEREAS the title could well be understood as insulting or derogatory to members of the Orthodox Church, exactly as if the King were titled “Head of the Unmormon Church” or “Head of the Unepiscopalian Church”, and

WHEREAS Talossa should avoid either favouring or denigrating particular religions,

THEREFORE the Ziu hereby adopts the following Amendment to the Organic Law, and transmits it to the electorate for ratification.

Article III Section 3 of the Organic Law is amended by removal of the phrase “Head of the Unorthodox Church” and the comma following.

Uréu q’estadra så:
John Woolley, UrN (Senator, Florenciâ)

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