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38RZ12 — The There are TWO Languages and ONE King Act

WHEREAS in the Kingdom of Talossa there are two official languages, and

WHEREAS those languages are English and El Glheþ Talossan, and

WHEREAS when you have two official languages you should use them both, and

WHEREAS it is seems a bit silly that the King signs bills online , and

WHEREAS it would make us seem much less like an internet club if he actually signed them, now

THEREFORE be it hereby recorded that it is the collective will of the Ziu that:

  1. If at all possible, bills presented for review in the Hopper should be translated into Talossan before being Clarked.
  2. The King shall sign a physical printed copy of bills at the time they pass into law, and collect these bills for posterity.

TANDI QE in el Regipäts Talossan j'ont doua glheþen uficiais, es

TANDI QE acestilor glheþen sint Angleasca es el Glheþ Talossan, es

TANDI QE quand si tent doua glheþen uficiais, tu fost uçarh embù, es

TANDI QE ça sembla seltsam q'el Regeu signa els proxhets sürligna, es

TANDI QE ça noi sembladrent míus come'iens c'hlub d'Inter'riet schi o lor signadra actualmint, nun

PER ACEASTA RAZIUN, c'e la Ceadfa da Ziu qe:

  1. Schi isch pouçival, proxhets qi sint presentats per recentza in el "Hopper" fossent glheþinarh avant qe "Clarkent".
  2. El Regeu signarha 'n copia squetschada es füçical del proxhet àl temp qe si valident ainciün legeu, es colectara acestilor proxhets per posterità.

Uréu q'estadra sa:
Alexandreu Gavárþic'h

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