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38RZ16 — The Antlered Animal Athletes Adoption Act

WHEREAS Talossa has not yet exhausted Milwaukee's supply of professional sports teams; and

WHEREAS the Milwaukee Bucks, an NBA franchise, is yet another such team; and

WHEREAS the Ziu has, in the past, officially encouraged Talossans everywhere to refer to the team that is, in our neighbouring nation, called the Green Bay Packers of the NFL as the Florencia Packers (Els Empacheirs da Florencia); and

WHEREAS the Ziu has also, in the past, officially designated the Milwaukee Brewers (as they are known in our neighbour nation) of major league baseball as the Maricopa Brewers (Els Cumplosteirs da Maricopa); and

WHEREAS the Milwaukee Bucks' Bradley Center is even closer to Talossa than the Brewers' Miller Park, much less Lambeau Field -- in fact, Bradley Center is only 300 yards across the U.S. border; and

WHEREAS the Milwaukee Bucks are currently celebrating their 40th anniversary, and no better anniversary gift can be given by this nation than to adopt the team as its own; and

WHEREAS Maricopa and Florencia are already spoken for, but Benito Province is just upriver; and

WHEREAS the logo of the Bucks is red and green, an obvious sign that the team is and has been begging for adoption not only by our proud nation but by the province with the red-green mythical Italian heritage; now

WHEREAS the Ziu officially encourages all Talossans everywhere to refer to the Milwaukee Bucks as the Benito Bucks (or, in Talossan, Els Bocs da Benito).

Uréu q'estadra sa,
Baron Hooligan (MC, RUMP)

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