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39RZ15 — The I Can't Believe It's not a Talossa Website Act

WHEREAS Talossa relies heavily on her many citizens to act as a face of the Kingdom;

WHEREAS the Kingdom of Talossa must work to protect itself from persons acting in the name of Talossa on the Internet;

WHEREAS any Prospective citizens or visitors could stumble upon fake or bogus information on random websites, turning them away or just terribly confusing them;

WHEREAS a list of known fake or bogus sites should be maintained as an aid to alleviate and prevent aforementioned confusion;

WHEREAS due to the advent of online social networking, pages on said sites should be set up in official capacity by an assigned Ministry within the government;

THEREFORE the Ziu hereby requires that any and all official or officially-sanctioned websites, social networking pages, online Embassies, and any other future form of Internet group be run by an assigned Ministry from the Prime Minister, assigned member of the government, or private citizens, when explicit permission is granted by the Prime Minister;

  1. Non-government sanctioned web sites in relation to Talossa, including social networking sites and profile names, must have clear and visible text that says the page is an UNOFFICIAL website;
  2. It is up to the Prime Minister or his delegate to decide and outline what constitutes “clear and visible” and determine any violations;
  3. The Prime Minister or his delegate shall monitor both official and unofficial Talossan websites, contact the owner as needed, and maintain a public list of official and bogus or fake sites as they are brought to the government’s attention;
  4. The Government of Talossa has the right to require the transfer of a website or a deletion of website if it is not made clear, within the government’s definition, that the existing site is UNOFFICIAL;
  5. Violations of this Act may be considered acts of sedition or treason, punishable by warnings, fines, or revocation of citizenship.
  6. Provincial websites shall be licensed by their respective governments under the same provisions of this Act.

Noi urent q'estadra sa:
Viteu Toctviac'hteir (MC, PP)
Brad Holmes (Senator, Atatürk)

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