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The Numismatic Abbreviation Act

WHEREAS there is at this time no official symbolic abbreviation for either the louis or its subdivision, the bent, and

WHEREAS other countries' currencies have symbols, such as the American dollar ($), the United Kingdom's pound sterling (£), the Euro (€), and the Japanese yen (¥), and

WHEREAS the Kingdom of Talossa is just as real as any of the countries which use the aforementioned currencies, and possibly more real than some of them (especially France),

THEREFORE it is resolved that the commonly-used symbols and ¤ shall be officially adopted for the louis and bent, respectively, and

FURTHERMORE that these symbols shall be used in accordance with common practice:

  • ¤ to be used as a separator of the two denominations, with louise on the left of the symbol and bence on the right;
  • may also be used to indicate amounts in whole louise, by placing the symbol to the left of the amount.

Uréu q'estadra sa,

Iustì Canun (Senator, Maricopa)

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