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42RZ22 — The Airport Renaming Act

WHEREAS the Enver Hoxha International Airport serves the Greater Talossan Area, and

WHEREAS even though Enver Hoxha is a way cool name, Enver Hoxha himself wasn’t a very nice guy who isn’t even revered in his homeland of Albania so why should we name stuff after him, and

WHEREAS the airport serving the GTA really ought to be named after someone with a least a cursory connection to the GTA, and

WHEREAS Alfred William Lawson, a former resident of present-day Talossa who is recognized each year on September 22, was an early aviation pioneer who is credited with inventing the airliner, and

WHEREAS Alfred Lawson’s concern for the safety of air travel was demonstrated when, on September 10, 1917, after landing his company’s first proto-type aircraft, he declared "Boys, any old woman that don't drink, smoke or chew tobacco ought to be able to fly the MT-One! That is how safe we have made her", now

THEREFORE, be it resolved by the Ziu that the Enver Hoxha International Airport be hereafter renamed, and known in perpetuity as, the Alfred W. Lawson International Airport.

Uréu q'estadra sa:
Martì Alan Gödafríescu Prevuost (MC, RUMP)

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