Law:The Let's Not Have Short Acts or Amendments Act 2.0

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44RZ25: The Let's Not Have Short Acts or Amendments Act 2.0

WHEREAS, Article VIII, Section 5 of the Organic Law reads, "Each MC will represent, for ceremonial purposes, a particular geographical "constituency." The exact procedure will be determined by law.", and

WHEREAS, why do we need to take so many steps to circumvent such a relatively simple clause?, and

WHEREAS, the territory of Péngöpäts only holds representation through one particularly handsome Member of the Cosa, as it cannot hold a seat in the Senate, and

WHEREAS, other than to serve as a vehicle for the representation of Péngöpäts, this clause could simply be a way of subtle entertainment based on what particular constituency one chooses to represent (for example, 144 E. Juneau Ave.), and

WHEREAS, others may choose to simply ignore the clause and continue to represent the obvious un-codified default, Talossa, and

WHEREAS, the OrgLaw does not specify any exact procedure to "adopt" a location, other than it will be determined by law, and

WHEREAS, for at least eight years after this OrgLaw was put into place, there are several examples of such ceremonial usage, but no law to specify any exact procedure, and

WHEREAS, some want to take steps to end everyone's fun by making "Talossa" the only constituency that is to be represented, and

WHEREAS, I don't believe in killing fun, and I do not believe the other bill, the name of which shall not be mentioned, is what the crafters of the OrgLaw thought would happen when they added the clause "The exact procedure will be determined by law.", and

WHEREAS, it is my intention to make this bill as long as possible to distinguish it from the other unmentionable bill, and

WHEREAS, I believe I have accomplished such a goal, and

WHEREAS, once again, we go into another Clark without this simple matter being solved, and

WHEREAS, at least most of us are on the same page in regards to this, including the author of that other bill, and

WHEREAS, can we please get this matter settled already?!, NOW,

THEREFORE, we, the Ziu, hereby prescribe that all Members of Cosa shall be free to represent any constituency within the geographic boundaries of the Kingdom of Talossa including any and all of its territories and overseas colonies; and,

FURTHERMORE, a Member wishing to represent a constituency simply needs to publicly declare such representation; and,

FURTHER-FURTHERMORE, any Member that does not wish to or fails to choose a particular constituency to represent shall be deemed to be representing The Kingdom of Talossa and its citizens as a whole.

Noi urent q'estadra sa,

Munditenens Tresplet (MC-RUMP, Péngöpäts)
Éovart Grischun (MC-CSPP)
Owen Edwards (MC-CSPP)
C. Carlüs Xheraltescu (MC-ZRT)
Txec Róibeard Nordselva (MC-RUMP)

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