Law:Budget Typo Clarification Prime Dictate

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Prime Dictate

Status: This law is currently

It amends the following:
El Lexhatx

Issued by: Arms.png HM Government
Seneschal: Lüc da Schir
Date: April 18, 2017

50PD03, Budget Typo Clarification Prime Dictate

WHEREAS the latest Budget had a section that concerned the amendment of a specific article of El Lexhatx; and

WHEREAS the article's title was mistakenly omitted from its number; so

THEREFORE El Lexhatx D. is amended in its entirety to read:

Current Token Design. The first issue of Talossan collectable tokens ("coins") shall have, on the obverse, the Chinese character "ben" upon a shield, with a crown above the shield; above the crown shall be the curved inscription "REGIPÄTS TALOSSÁN", and below the shield shall be the curved inscription of the year of issue (both the Common Era in Arabic numerals and the year of the Kingdom of Talossa in Roman numerals). On the reverse shall be an image to be determined by the Royal Bank and Post representative of some aspect of Talossan culture, a large "ℓ" with an amount representing the coin denomination being minted, and an inscription of the denomination of the coin in the Talossan language.