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6RC3 — The Vote in Advance Act

Citizens living in inaccessible places or who will be on holiday during the voting period will be provided with Vote In Advance (VIA) forms at their request.

On the VIA form, the voter will indicate the party he intends to vote for in the next election. The VIA form will be returned to the Secretary of State. If an election is called for within the next six months, and the voter is unavailable, his vote as signified on the VIA form will be counted as if he had sent in a ballot. (If he does send in a ballot, the ballot will supercede the party choice on the VIA form.)

The VIA form expires after six months (at which time a new form may be sent in). It is good for any number of elections during that six month period.

VIA ballots cannot be used for answering referenda, only for indicating party preference in Cosâ elections.

A voter who has sent in a VIA form may request another at any time, and his party choice on that form (once it has been duly received by the Secretary of State) supercedes any earlier VIA forms he may have used.

Proposed by: Robert Madison (PV-Vuode)

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