Law:Acknowledging the Renaming of Mussolini Province

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38PD1 — Acknowledging the Renaming of Mussolini Province

I, Ma la Mha, Prüm Baron Tepistà, Seneschal del Regipäts Talossan, with all duly vested authority and stuff, do hereby and forthwith declare the following Prime Dictate, beseeching his Majesty the King to grant royal assent with all due celerity that it might become law:

WHEREAS the wish of the people of the province of Mussolini, as expressed through legislation enacted by the elected representatives of these proud people, as assembled in the diligent Corporative Chamber of the province, is that their province be renamed Benito, and

WHEREAS His Majesty's Government has taken note of the Royal Grant of Arms issued by the King of Talossa on the occasion of Tafsut Imazighen, and

WHEREAS , in said grant of arms His Majesty was found to be well-disposed to acknowledge his gentle subject Niclau Börnat as being a citizen of the province of "Benito," now

THEREFORE BE IT KNOWN THAT the province heretofore known as Mussolini Province shall henceforth be known as Benito Province, and that

FURTHERMORE, all mentions of both "Benito" and "Mussolini" in Talossan Organic or Statutory law or other official documents are hereby affirmed as indicating precisely the same legal entity.

Done under my hand, as from Kenwood House, this 25th day of April in the year of 2008, being the 29th year of independence of the Kingdom of Talossa, and the 2d of the reign of our sovereign John.


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