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The 1979/I Declaration by King Ben was a declaration of secession of the new country of Talossa from the United States, as well as an initial supreme governing document, issued on the day of the founding Talossa on December 26th, 1979/I.

I, Robert the First, His Royal Me, proclaim the Kingdom of Talossä to be an independent unit in the master plan of World Singular Secession. In doing so, I am seceding from the United States of America.

Later that same day came the first and only initial law of the land:


All power of law, finance and anything else is vested in the King.

This constitution is perfect and shall have no need of amendment.

While the first and second article of this 1979/I law were later eliminated by later documents (a 1985/VI Organic Law, a 1988 Constituziun, and a 1997 Organic Law), the power of the act of initial secession has only grown over the years as it has gone unchallenged by a complacent American government.