Government Financial Report for Cosa 44

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I. The amount, location, liquidity, and availability of all funds held by or for the Royal Treasury

$670.23 in a savings account at Ally Bank, number XXXXX3265, under the administration of Burgermeister Munditenens-Txec da Biondeu. Fully liquid.

II. All changes in the account balances of the Royal Treasury since the last Report.

-$674.87 in the PayPal account administered by the previous Burgermeister.
-$50.64 in the account at Ally Bank administered by the previous Burgermeister.
+$670.23 in the savings account at Ally Bank number XXXXX3265, under the administration of Burgermeister Munditenens-Txec da Biondeu.

NB: The Minister understands this requirement to be for net changes since the last Report, since it would otherwise seem to be redundant with requirement III.

III. A balance sheet which clearly lists all expenses linking them to the relative sheet items in the budget bills approved in the Cosa

Royal Treasury Account

$0725.30 = Balance at Start of Cosa 44
-0050.35 = Chain (44RZ14 Section 1.a)
+0000.21 = Interested Earned
-0004.93 = Payment of Debt Owed on Ministry of Finance Account
$0670.23 = Ending of Cosa 44

Ministry of Finance Account

$0000.00 = Balance
+0272.00 = Stamp Kickstarter Fundraiser (44RZ14 Section 5)
-0026.48 = Stamp Kickstarter Fees (44RZ14 Section 5)
-0195.05 = Stamp Printing Fees (44RZ14 Section 5)
-0012.40 = Shipping of Stamp Kickstarter Perks (44RZ14 Section 5)
-0033.00 = National Flag (44RZ14 Section 1.b)
-0010.00 = Medallion (44RZ14 Section 1.a)
-0004.93 = Debt Owed by Treasury
+0004.93 = Debt Paid by Treasury
$0000.00 = Account Cleared

NB: Balance at start of Cosa 44 is known to be inconsistent with balance reported in the budget. The source of the error is unclear to both the Finance Minister and the Burgermeister of Inland Revenue.

IV. The investment policy that was pursued by the Ministry of Finance for any amount of the Treasury that has been budgeted by the Ziu for use in investment

No funds were specifically budgeted for investment; the only policy was leaving it in an interest-bearing account. The current savings account is paying 0.90%

V. The current valuation of the louis with respect to other foreign currency.

The louis is currently pegged to the United States Dollar at ℓ1 = $1.50

The current value of the louis in other currencies floats with the USD.

VI. The total amount of louise and postal items in circulation:

000¤00 ($ 0.00) circulating louise.
........................833¤20 ($1250.00) stamps printed this Cosa.
........................675¤40 ($1013.50) postal items printed but not sold this Cosa, held by Royal Bank & Post.
........................157¤40 ($ 236.50) stamps sold and shipped this Cosa.
157¤40 ($236.50) postal items in circulation.
157¤40 ($236.50) total louise and postal items in circulation.

NB: An unknown-to-the-Minister but limited quantity of sheets of stamps were published in the past. However, these could not actually constitute postage stamps because a forgotten provision of 6RC6 limited postage stamps to a face value of $0.0015. The Chairman of the Royal Bank and Post has accordingly designated them as "commemoratives" issued per 38RZ15 (as opposed to "currency" or "postage"), and thus not "postal items" in circulation. As "postal items" by law cannot be redeemed for anything under 36RZ2, this designation does not put the Royal Bank & Post in default of any actual or implied obligations incurred by sale of the commemoratives as stamps. All stamps legally issued as postage subsequent to the repeal of 6RC6 are accounted for (and are equally nonredeemable).