Iac Marscheir

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Iac Marscheir (b. March 2001, citizen 6 December 2016 - 7 January 2019, 14 July 2019 - present) is a citizen of Talossa notable for his intense study of the Talossan language, anti-reform stance in orthographic discussions and aversion to politics. He has made prominent efforts to use Talossan as much as possible in public discussions.

He has occupied two positions in the Cabinet, but did not fulfill the duties of either position for any real length of time. He has also held seats in the Cosa for the now-defunct MRPT, but became inactive during most Clarks.

Despite renouncing his citizenship in December 2018, with the process carried out in January 2019, Marscheir remained active in discussions on Wittenberg before becoming renaturalized in July 2019.

Iac was appointed Ladintsch Naziunal on 17 July 2019.

Iac Marscheir (n. March 2001, citaxhien li 6 Zecemvar 2016/XXXVII - li 7 Januar 2019/XL, li 14 Julia 2019/XL - presaintsch) isch ün citaxhien da Talossa q'isch ac'hatar à c'hauça da sieu estudia del glheþ Talossan, posiziun d'antireformaziun profta la speliçaziun es transversiun erga els politici.

O tent ocupat doua posiziuns in el Cußeglh, mas non tent rompliat els deveirs da ni posiziun ingen temp vräts. O tent ocsa tenescu dels plätsilor in la Cosa per el partì nútemp-niftour MRPT, mas tent ignhaveschat dürant el püpärts dels Clarks.