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League of Centre Conservatives
Leader: Txosuè Éiric Rôibeardescù
Founded: 22 July 2020
Beliefs: Moderate, Monarchist, Conservative, Derivatist, Anti-isolationist

Motto: We Are The Eager Beavers

First founded in the dark year of 2020, The League of Centre Conservatives operates a broad church approach, bringing in people from all walks of life. I founded by Ian Plätschisch with a small group of fellow moderates and in the 55th cosa was the second-largest party. It new aims to begin Restoration, Reconciliation and to boost Immigration in our nation that has been slowly been chipped away over so many years.

50 Word Statement:

Vote LCC to help Talossa reunify and become an inspiring beacon once more. We seek to provide infrequent opportunities for “Votes of Confidence” in the King, while maintaining all other aspects of the Monarchy. Immigration, engagement with the micronational community, and language are our top priorities.


There are really only two pieces of our great nation. The Progressives and the Moderates. Whatever you think about our honourable members across the political divide, all of their efforts are Progressive in order to keep our country going forward. The Moderates are the other half that has contributed to the structure's longevity over the years. Without this arrangement, our country will be lost, a land with ideas begun but never completed. Without the past to guide us we have no future.

The LCC must now be the party of the moderates, the conservators of our nation. The moderate voice has been lost of late, with provocateurs on both sides silencing the call for calm, resolution and bridge-building.

Talossa must stand tall once more, this involves us all getting involved in rebuilding our nation that has been slowly chipped away at for far too long. That’s why I, As Secretary-General of the League of centre conservatives, offer you our manifesto for the upcoming elections (56th Cosa).

Talossa Standing Tall Under the next Cosa, Talossa will reach its 42nd anniversary since our founding. The LCC will Endeavour to make a spectacle of this momentous event, for as we all know 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything.We will make this year, the year of Talossa. Current plans for events include the launching of Talossa’s second satellite to space, Organising trips across our great country (from Atatürk, Cezembre to Vuode), arranging a Talossan flag be sent to Pengupats as well as many parties (both online and hopefully face to face) and so much more. Pride in our nation and what makes us interesting is what draws people to Talossa.

Talossa is a shining beacon We are a great nation made up of many wonderful citizens and if we are elected to head the next cosa we want to show our nation to the world. We are what many Micronations have aspired to be and many other nations have followed in our footsteps. I propose we start taking an active role on the world stage including international talks and summits, re-invigorating our international outreach in the form of charitable organizations and donations. Our outreach will pay dividends to our wider reach and will drive up engagement and recruitment.

Immigrate and Flourish As our Seneschal has noted in a recent address, we seldom get new immigrants to our country who get involved and stay involved in any meaningful way. This should be priorities #1, #2, and #3 for any government. Restart the TalossaAssistant program, then appoint a very active citizen as Minister for New Citizen Engagement (with a cooler name) in place of a Minister of Defense or Foreign Minister. Focus on solving our real problems, rather than fighting an endless culture war.

Use It or Lose It When few people in the government care about the language, is it any wonder that it seems like an abandoned hobby? The only way for us to develop familiarity with the language is exposure -- use it and see others use it! Government announcements should be at least partially in Talossan whenever possible. Simple phrases should be translated for easy reference and deployed for style and profit. ¡Cumpetens!

A Talossa You Can Hold In Your Hands. There can be an overall larger focus on a physical and real Talossa, including a metal seal for the king for putting wax seals on official documents, a physical l'Chronicla, ID cards and citizenship certificates, and making TalossaWare a reality once more with real physical merchandise. Part of what's wrong with Talossa is that it's becoming a generic internet club. Make our country real.

We will restart the process of issuing Talossan ID Cards, updating on previous designs. This will include a full citizenship certificate as well as a smaller card that can be home printed. I also intend to ask his majesty and the college of arms to begin the process of forming an order of knighthoods for those who aid in our charitable outreach programs.

Calm, Cosididered Reform

We, the League of Centre Conservatives, see that support for the "Talossa Shall Choose Its King Amendment" stems not from any magical properties of a term length of seven years, but rather out of general discontent with the current Monarch. Consequently, we also see that the current Monarch is in the process of doing grave damage to the noble institution of the Monarchy, which we believe should, for the most part, continue to exist exactly as it does today. We will endeavour to modify the "Talossa Shall Choose Its King Amendment" to change its focus from the periodic election of a new King to providing a periodic opportunity to have a vote of no confidence in the current King. This will reaffirm the lifetime nature of the Office while making it easier to remove a King who is not performing well in the role.

Talossa must have a king, with all its history, pomp, and circumstance which has made our country great. We must end the turmoil that has made us look inward at internal conflicts and begin rebuilding, starting a new era of our nation where we can stand tall once more. We can reemerge like the groundhog in the spring to the fresh new world that eagerly awaits us.

Dialogue and non-public arguments are necessary to begin the rebuilding of our nation. Under my leadership, I have already begun the process of cross-party discussions with the free democrats' leadership as an attempt to keep an open line of communication between us both so that we can begin to avoid the unpleasantness we have been witnessing over the last few years.

- Set out by the parties second secretary-general, Txosuè Éiric Rôibeardescù

Election Results

General Election # of overall votes % of overall vote # of overall seats won +/- Notes
August 2020, 55th Cosa 34 35.56 (#2)
74 / 200
Increase 74 In Opposition
June 2021, 56th Cosa 8 10.96 (#3)
22 / 200
Decrease 52

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LCC Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/290891358854242/