Law:The Embarassing Failure of Legislative Proofreading Prime Dictate

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56PD01, Ukraine Donation Prime Dictate

Prime Dictate

Status: This law is currently

Issued by: Arms.png HM Government
Seneschal: Txoteu Davinescu
Date: April 13, 2022


56RZ10, The Small OrgLaw Amendment (Dignity of the Túischac'h) Act copy-pasted (with a few amendments) the current El Lexhatx H.17 into the OrganicLaw as IV.12, and


this bill was also meant to subsequently delete H.17 from El Lexhatx as superfluous, and


through a catastrophic failure by both the bill's author and the CRL, it instead deleted H.21, a completely unrelated section concerning Living Cosas


1. El Lexhatx H.17 is hereby deleted in its entirety. 2. El Lexhatx H.21 is hereby restored in its entirety as the following text:

Quote 21. The Cosa may hold living Cosas during subsequent Clarks by a vote of the Cosa naming the specific month in which the event is to take place. The exact date and location of the Living Cosâ shall be set by the Seneschál after consultation with all relevant parties. All members must receive two weeks notice of the date of the Living Cosâ. The Seneschál may, if events warrant, issue a PD authorizing a Living Cosâ in the following calendar month. Such a PD may be vetoed (in addition to normal means) by a formal protest to the Secretary of State by Members of the Cosâ comprising one-third or greater the number of elected seats in the Cosâ.

21.1 Members who cannot attend will not be denied the right to vote on that month's Clark. They may send their votes to the Secretary of State by any means feasible, so that they can be announced at the Living Cosâ. A member may, in writing, delegate his authority to vote (temporarily transfer his seats) to another person who can attend the Living Cosâ, but no individual may hold more than thirty seats, counting both proxy and permanently assigned seats, for purposes of the Living Cosâ. The Ziu may provide by law, without needing to go through committee, for quorum requirements, and for attendance via telephone, videoconference, or other remote means.

21.2 Votes presented to the Secretary of State after the Living Cosâ will not be counted in the final tally. The final tally of votes on all bills is taken at the end of the Living Cosâ.

21.3 New bills, or amendments, may not be presented at the Living Cosâ. No bill not published in the Clark may be debated. Clarks will be published on schedule as usual.

21.4 Senators shall be permitted to participate in Living Cosâ debates on the same terms as MCs, but may not delegate or exercise proxy votes.

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