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Living Cosâ Facilitation Amendment

Whereas major issues often need to be addressed quickly in Living Cosâ, but Whereas the current procedure requires a month delay in getting one approved; and Whereas bills authorising Living Cosâ are always approved unanimously anyway, Therefore the Cosâ hereby adds the following text to the Constituziun, to be known as Article 104a: "The Prime Minister may, if he feels events warrant it, issue a PD authorising a Living Cosâ in the following calendar month. Such a PD may be vetoed (in addition to normal means) by a formal protest to the Secretary of State by Members of the Cosâ comprising one-third or greater the number of seats in the Cosâ. When setting the date of the Living Cosâ by PD in this fashion, the Prime Minister must abide by the conditions of Article 104."

Proposed by: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

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