Peculiar Nationalist Party

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Peculiar Nationalist Party
Leader: Éovart Grischun
Founded: November 2019
Beliefs: Peculiarism, moderate monarchism, civic nationalism

The Peculiar Nationalist Party is a political party founded by Éovart Grischun in 2019.


The PNP espouses peculiarist concepts, such as the rejection of land claims and of the provinces as political entities, with moderate monarchist ones, such as the support for a purely ceremonial King and the abolition of veto powers. The PNP is notable for embracing the concept of civic nationalism, in which Talossan citizenship should be open to anyone who shares national values.

Other planks of the PNP platform include the abolition of the Senate in favour of an unicameral MMP Real Cosa, the direct election of the Prime Minister and a flexible Cabinet.


Grischun was most recently a member of the RUMP, which he joined in 2014 and for which he served as leader in 2017, and later in 2019 in an interim basis, also holding the title of Leader of the Opposition. He resigned from the party and from the Cosa halfway through the term.

His peculiarist beliefs stem from his long spell as one of the most widely known members of the Progressive Party, which he led in two occasions and from which he had split off in 2011 to form the Common Sense Party, in a series of events that also produced the Moderate Radical Party of Talossa. The two parties later merged back, and Grischun would stay with the new party until crossing the aisle to the RUMP in protest at the Da Dhi Cabinet in early 2014.