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41RZ7 — The Anti-Un-Renunciation Amendment

WHEREAS a Talossan citizen who renounces his or her citizenship currently has 24 hours after the said renunciation is acknowledged by the Secretary of State before the citizenship is officially lost, and

WHEREAS this period of time has been the cause of much agony for the citizens of the Kingdom, either in panicked acts to talk the renouncing citizen out of their decision, and/or in watching the citizen change his or her mind repeatedly about such a serious step, and

WHEREAS Talossan citizenship is the best thing money cannot buy, and

WHEREAS to renounce such a thing is a serious matter and should be given serious consideration long before posting about it, and

WHEREAS especially given legislation that will make the re-entry of former citizens less of an ordeal, providing that former citizens are always eligible to return to the Kingdom should they choose to re-apply for citizenship, now

THEREFORE the Ziu hereby proposes to amend the Organic Law of the Kingdom of Talossa by means of the following resolution, and recommends that the said amendment be ratified by referendum of the electorate and thereupon promulgated by His Majesty the King:

RESOLVED, that Article XVIII, Section 9 of the Organic Law of the Kingdom of Talossa be amended such that the sentence "It shall take effect twenty-four hours following its acknowledgement by the Secretary of State" is changed to read "It shall take immediate effect upon its acknowledgement by the Secretary of State through issuance of a Writ of Termination of Citizenship, which shall be published under the seal of the Chancery."

Noi urent q'estadra sa,
Baron Hooligan (MC, RUMP)
Litz Cjantscheir (MC, RUMP)
Mick Preston (MC, RUMP)
Brad Holmes (Sen., Atatürk)
Iustì Canun (Sen., Maricopa)
Ieremiac'h Ventrutx (Sen., Florencia)

Scribe's Notes

  1. This Referendum was ratified by a vote of the people and thereafter enacted by proclamation of by HM King John. This change has been incorporated into Section 9 of Article XVIII, of The 1997 Organic Law of the Kingdom of Talossa.

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