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37RZ8 — The Clipper Act

WHEREAS the Conservative Loyalist Party served the country loyally in her most needed hours, and

WHEREAS we must always remember loyal service and reward it appropriately, especially such heroics, and

WHEREAS the CLP or "Clippers" stepped down from power in the manner of a Cincinnatus,

THEREFORE there is hereby established a new decoration, to be known as the "Medal of Cincinnatus", awarded by the King in recognition for acts of extraordinary Talossanicity in the face of opposition. Recipients of this Medal would be entitled to follow their names with the honorific "Cin.".

Uréu q'estadra så:
Alexandreu Davinescu (Senator, M-M)
Xhorxh Asmoûr (MC, RUMP)
Mick Preston (MC, RUMP)

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