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41RZ1 — The Grecian Delight Remembrance Day Act

WHEREAS on the date of January 19th in the year 2010, the historical site of interest known as "Grecian Delight" was destroyed by an act of arson and was lost to the Kingdom of Talossa; and

WHEREAS "Grecian Delight" was the locum for several pivotal points in our nations history including the 1997 Organic Law Convention, several TalossaFest celebrations and the 2002 Swearing of the Oath of Office of Prime Minister Valcadac'h; and

WHEREAS efforts should be made to preserve the memory of such an important historical location and Talossan Landmark, now

THEREFORE be it resolved that

  1. The day of January 19th is recognized as a national holiday every year, forever, and that this date shall also be recognized as a day of remembrance for the lost historical site of Grecian Delight.
  2. This national holiday and day of remembrance shall be named "Grecian Delight Remembrance Day".
  3. Upon this date, the government of The Kingdom of Talossa shall encourage the citizens of the nation to pay respect and remembrance to this all important and historical sites of interest.

Noi urent q'estadra sa:
Éovart Grischun (MC, PP)
Flip Molinar (MC, PP)
Xhorxh Asmour (MC, PP)

Scribe's Notes

  1. By the terms of 41RZ6, The Citizens and Cestours Public Holiday Act, Grecian Delight Remembrance Day was converted from a national holiday to a day of observance, and a new national holiday, Landmark Day, was instituted to commemorate Grecian Delight and all national landmarks.

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