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38RZ13 — The International Memorial Day Act

WHEREAS life is beautiful and worthy of celebrating and

WHEREAS part of this celebration should include reflection of significant events in history and

WHEREAS Talossans of every background and faith should be able to reflect upon the historical events which have the greatest impact on their lives so it is

THEREFORE resolved that the 11th Day of September be commemorated as International Memorial Day and shall be a day of reflection for all Talossans to honor the memory of all tragedies and celebrate all joys of the past.

Let us remember all tragedies from the Babylonian Exile forward which are too numerous to mention, as well as every tragedy and day of sadness yet to come. Let us also rejoice in the beauty of nature that surrounds us and take the time to appreciate life, love and happyiness. Let all Talossans, regardless of faith remember the fallen and oppressed for if we do not learn from history, we will be doomed to repeat it. And let us, on this day, evaluate ourselves and see how we can strive to make the following year more fruitful for ourselves and our society.

Uréu q'estadra så:
T.M. Asmourescu, CAPT MRT (MC, RUMP)

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