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8RC40 — The Lawful Assemblies Amendment Act

Whereas it is only in the interest of boredom that lawful assemblies of the Talossan government be prohibited, the Cosâ hereby amends the Constituziun to allow Talossan lawmakers to have the dignity of assembling in a Living Cosâ, to freely discuss and vote on the nation's business. The following is tacked on to the end of the Constituziun and, when a Living Cosâ is called as in Article 1 of this bill, all relevant portions of the Constituziun in conflict with this are temporarily suspended. Art. 1. The Cosâ may hold Living Cosâs (live parliamentary meetings) by law. To do so, a bill must be presented to the Cosâ, naming the specific month in which the Living Cosâ is to occur, and pass the Cosâ by a 2/3 vote.

Art. 2. The exact date of the Living Cosâ shall be set by the Prime Minister after consultation with all relevant parties. all members must receive two-weeks notice of the date of the Living Cosâ, and an honest attempt must be made beforehand to schedule a date for the meeting that as many MCs as possible can attend.

Art. 3. Members who cannot attend will not be denied the right to participate. They may send their votes in by post, by phone or in person, in writing, so that they can be announced at the Living Cosâ. A member may, in writing, delegate his authority to vote (transfer his seats) to another member, even if this violates the 30-seat limit in Article 41. Or, he can vote in advance on each bill and give those written votes to the Secretary.

Art. 4. Votes presented to the Secretary after the Living Cosâ will not be counted in the final tally. The final tally of votes on all bills is taken at the end of the Living Cosâ meeting. (This takes precedence over Article 66.

Art. 5. Bills may not be presented at the Living Cosâ. No bill not proposed in the CLARK may be debated. CLARKs will be sent out on schedule as usual.

Art. 6. The Living Cosâ shall be presided over by a Speaker (in Talossan, el Túischac'h). He shall maintain order and direct the meeting. He shall be elected by the Cosâ in the same bill which authorises the Living Cosâ. The Speaker, if possible, should not be an MC. The Speaker can be removed and replaced during a Living Cosâ only by PD.

Art. 7. The CLARK during a Living Cosâ month must include a Vote of Confidence (Article 58).

Proposed by: John Eiffler (PC-Atatürk); Robert Madison (PC-Vuode); Tom Buffone (PC-Mussolini); John Jahn (TNP-Pórt Maxhestic)

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