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23RZ48 — The People To Provinces Entrenchment Act

WHEREAS, the Organic Law as presently constituted permits Talossans living outside Talossa to freely "move" from province to province with the consent of the provincial governments, while restricting Talossans living inside Talossa to citizenship only in the province in which they physically reside; and

WHEREAS, the Houses of the Ziu recently passed, by overwhelming majorities, the "People To Provinces" act which assigns Talossans living outside Talossa to specific Provinces based solely on geographical criteria; and

WHEREAS, this assignment of citizens to provinces based on geographical criteria seems to be overwhelmingly popular;

THEREFORE, the Ziu hereby authorizes a nationwide referendum to amend Article 16, Sections 2 and 3 to read as follows:

Article 16, Sec. 2. All Talossan citizens shall belong to the Province in which they live. Citizens living outside of Talossa are assigned to a Province by the Ziu at the time of their naturalization by the Ziu, in accordance with a People to Provinces Act assigning people to provinces based on geographical criteria with all persons in a specific geographic area being assigned to the same corresponding Talossan province. Any citizen who physically moves to a new Province, or moves to a new geographic area and thereby transfers his provincial assignment, shall not be able to vote in the immediately succeeding election for the Government of the Province, nor shall he be eligible to participate, as an elector or as a candidate, in the immediately succeeding election for Senator from that province. However, he shall be eligible to stand for election as a Senator from that province in that election if no other qualified citizen is available or willing to do so.
Sec. 3. No person shall have his assignment to a Province altered without his express consent, even if the Ziu shall see fit to redraw the geographic assignment boundaries. However, a Talossan living in Talossa shall always be assigned to the province in which he lives, even when provincial borders change and his home is thereby 'reassigned' to a different province.

Uréu q'estadra så:
R. Ben Madison (PC-Vuode)

Scribe's Notes

  1. This act passed the Cosa 14-1-0 and the Senate 5-1-0.

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