Law:The Petty Tyrant Eradication Amendment

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41RZ3 — The Petty Tyrant Eradication Amendment

WHEREAS the Organic Law demands that former citizens must bow and scrape before the Cort with an essay explaining just how terribly wrong they were, and further provides that the Cort may impose any penalty it feels appropriate for the sin of having left the nation (Org.XVIII.11), and

WHEREAS life can be tumultuous, with unusual circumstances or complicated changes of heart occuring from time to time, and causing good citizens to leave Talossa, and

WHEREAS someone rejoining our country should be a cause for celebration, not vindictiveness, and

WHEREAS there is certainly no reason why the Cort should have such arbitrary power to slap around someone trying to return to Talossa, and

WHEREAS there is nonetheless a need to address the special case of former citizens who wish to rejoin us, now

THEREFORE the eleventh section of the eighteenth article of the Organic Law is hereby amended to read:

A Citizen who has voluntarily renounced his citizenship (in any fashion) may go through the normal citizenship procedure to have his citizenship restored. This procedure may also be skipped and full citizenship restored by an act of the Ziu, if it deems that the applicant merits extraordinary consideration.

Uréu q'estadra så:
Alexandreu Davíescu, Seneschal, for His Majesty's Government

Scribe's Notes

  1. This Referendum was ratified by a vote of the people and thereafter enacted by proclamation of by HM King John. This change has been incorporated into Section 11 of Article XVIII, of The 1997 Organic Law of the Kingdom of Talossa.

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