Law:The Say What We Do to Start Doing What We Say Act (Amendment)

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42RZ16 — The Say What We Do to Start Doing What We Say Act (Amendment)

WHEREAS the Organic Law says what we should do, and

WHEREAS since time immemorial, we have been not quite doing what it says, and

WHEREAS what we do instead is actually better than what it says we should do (well, in this case at least), and

WHEREAS this is because what it says to do would require a majority of all citizens of voting age to indicate their assent to any amendment to the Organic Law before it would be declared ratified, and

WHEREAS it is impracticable in any free nation of any reasonable size, thankfully including (as time has marched on) the Kingdom of Talossa, to expect and require sufficient voter turnout and political and constitutional interest in the populace to mandate that a majority of all persons holding suffrage express their views, lest the progress of the nation be forever stalled, and

WHEREAS for a great many years, and through reigns of multiple monarchs, amendments to the Organic Law have been declared ratified and promulgated if passed by a majority of those persons exercising the right to vote, rather than anyone first taking the time to calculate whether ratification and promulgation should be withheld due to the number not rising to more than 50% of the general suffrage, and

WHEREAS actually, we probably still haven’t ratified one and promulgated one that didn’t make it to 50% of the general suffrage, but the fact is, as the nation grows, we can’t have it requiring us to do that, and

WHEREAS anyway, we weren’t paying attention to it, now

THEREFORE, be it recommended by the Ziu that the people of the Kingdom of Talossa approve by referendum:

  1. That the words “A vote of a majority of citizens eligible to vote in a referendum, to be held as soon as practicable after the vote in the Ziu.” be stricken from Article XV, Section 1 of Organic Law, and replaced with “Approval of the majority of voters participating in a referendum on the question of the amendment no later than during the next scheduled general election following the approval of the Ziu.”
  2. That the word “electors” in Article XV, Section 1 of Organic Law be changed to “participating voters”.
  3. That Article XV, Section 2 of the Organic Law be amended to end with the words “passes with a two-thirds majority of voters participating in the referendum.”

Noi urent q’estadra sa,
His Majesty’s Government, represented by:
Ma Baron Tepistà, Distain (MC, RUMP)
Litz Cjantscheir, Seneschal (MC, RUMP)

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