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Debate:The Science Rules! Act

48RZ20, The Science Rules! Act

This law has an

It amends the following:
El Lexhatx

Ziu 48th Clark 4th
Sponsored by: Ian Plätschisch, Françal Ian Lux, Txosuè Éiric Rôibeardescù

Cosa.png Cosa: PASSED
PER 106 — CON 35 — AUS 11

Senats.png Senäts: PASSED
PER 4 — CON 1 — AUS 3

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WHEREAS BEER and UTal are both fairly defunct, and

WHEREAS BEER does not even have a permanent residence under one of the Cabinet ministries, and

WHEREAS Science is cool and we should do more of it, and

WHEREAS If we created one large science association, it would encompass more than just teaching and rocketry, which, while cool, are just small niches, and

WHEREAS A more all-encompassing association would be more active and produce more findings

THEREFORE Lex.C.1.8, which currently reads

1.8. The University of Talossa, headed by the Regent of the University of Talossa. The function of the University of Talossa is to provide educational opportunities and recognize achievement in Talossan academic studies and accomplishments.

shall be amended to read

1.8. The Royal Society for the Advancement of Knowledge, headed by the President of the Royal Society. The function of the Royal Society is to conduct and promote research and academic study in all areas of human endeavor.

   1.8.1 Schools may be created within the Society for the purpose of focusing on a specific subject. The exact procedure for establishing a school shall be chosen by the President, who shall also appoint a dean to supervise each school.

FURTHERMORE Lex.D.2.12 is hereby repealed.

Uréu q'estadra så:

   Ian Plätschisch - (MC-MRPT)
   Françal Ian Lux - (MC-FDA)
   Txosuè Éiric Rôibeardescù - (Senator to Cézembre)

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