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33RZ14 — The Secretary of State is No Longer above the Law Amendment

WHEREAS, in the judgement of the Uppermost Cort, the Organic Law (Article VI, Section 4) gives the Secretary of State of Talossa virtually unlimited legal authority to conduct general elections as he sees fit, and

WHEREAS, during the era of the one-party state, this provision was used in order to sack official personnel, conduct elections in secret in order to deny Talossans their right to vote, impose intentional legal difficulties upon voters in order to suppress turnout, engender legally invalid discrimination between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ voters, and empower the Secretary of State to directly harass and intimidate voters through a variety of media; and

WHEREAS, our emerging democracy demands greater accountability on the part of public officials,

THEREFORE, the Ziu hereby resolves, and places this resolution up for a public vote at the earliest possible opportunity, to amend Article VI, Section 4, to read as follows:

Art. VI:Sec. 4. During the election period as defined in Sec. 3, the Secretary of State shall in every particular conduct the election according to the election laws in such a manner as
  1. affords to every citizen the opportunity to cast a vote for the party of his choice, and
  2. does not discriminate against any party or individual in the collection or tallying of votes. In the absence of a current election law, the Secretary of State shall conduct the election according to the rules under which the most recent general election were conducted.

Uréu q’estadra så:
King Robert I

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