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43RZ36 — The Senate Election Details Amendment

WHEREAS Article V, section 4 of the OrgLaw is utterly unnecessary, quite vague, and rather confusing, and

WHEREAS Article IV, section 5 is a bit wordy and "huh?"-inducing as well, and

WHEREAS someone might very well want to vote for the Cosa, but not vote for a Senate candidate, and

WHEREAS under our customary intrepretation of Article IV, section 5, it is impossible for a voter to vote for the Cosa but not vote for Senate, because leaving a blank in the "Senate" part of his ballot will be interpreted as a vote for the candidate endorsed by the party he chose for the Cosa,

THEREFORE the Ziu hereby approves this amendment to the Organic Law, and transmits it to the nation for ratification:

Section 1. Article V, section 4:

Senators shall as far as is practicable be citizens of the Province in which they were chosen. Qualified citizen[s] from other provinces may receive votes in an election only if no votes have been received on the sixteenth day of the election period.
is deleted.

Section 2. Article IV, section 5:

Political parties may "endorse" individual candidates for the Senate, one candidate per party per province. In the event that a voter does not specify an individual candidate for Senate on his ballot, his vote for a political party shall apply to the candidate endorsed by that party. A voter may always vote for a different Senate candidate than the one endorsed by the party of his choice, by indicating said candidate on the ballot.
is amended to read
A political party may endorse a candidate for any vacant Senate seat. In the event that a voter specifies that party as his choice for that Senate seat, his vote shall be counted for the candidate so endorsed.

Noi urent q'estadra sa,

John Regeu

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