Law:The Shorten the Constituziun on the Regency Amendment

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The Shorten the Constituziun on the Regency Amendment

Précis: This is a long bill but it actually shortens the Constituziun. Its effect is to say that if there is no King, or if the King is underage or unable to fulfill his Kingly duties, the Uppermost Cort fills in for him as Regent--rather that the ludicrously convoluted system contained in the present Constituziun. The following articles are changes to read as follows:

Art. 10.The Kingdom of Talossa is a constitutional, hereditary Monarchy with a King as its head of State.

Art. 11. The reigning monarch of Talossa, whether male or female, is to be styled "King."The Heir to the Throne shall be styled "Prince (or Princess) of Prospect."

Art. 12. The King is the symbolic head of the nation. The nation itself owes its existence to the Monarch, and reciprocally the nation democratically grants unto the King and his successors certain powers enumerated herein.

Art. 13. The royal powers are: The right to declare national holidays, grant titles of nobility, make the annual Speech from the Throne on the 26th of December (and at other times when events warrant), to veto bills (or Prime Dictates), to issue Writs of Dissolution for the Cosâ, to grant pardons and commute sentences, and to appoint the Prime Minister after elections.

Art. 18. Upon the demise or abdication of a King, the Heir to the Throne shall assume the Throne.

Art. 23. In the event that the King is below the age of eighteen, a condition of Regency shall exist. In this case, the Talossan Uppermost Cort shall act as a Council of Regency, and shall by unanimity (or, when necessary, by simple majority) exercise all the Royal powers and duties. When the Heir to the Throne reaches his/her eighteenth birthday, he/she shall be invested with the Royal powers and the condition of Regency shall cease.

Articles 14 and 24-27 are deleted. All references throughout the Constituziun to "King/Regent" are shortened to "King."

Uréu q'estadra så: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

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