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37RZ16 — The Tim Amendment (Home Improvement Part 1)

WHEREAS, the House Law and the Royal Succession Act and the Organic Law all govern in some respects the succession of the throne, and,

WHEREAS that's confusing and redundant, and,

WHEREAS redundancy is undesirable, and,

WHEREAS redundancy is undesirable, and,

WHEREAS there are several needed changes to minor respects of these laws as well, such as the new name of the dynasty, and,

WHEREAS making the necessary minor changes and disestablishing the redundant laws are neither particularly contentious in nature and seem favored by the public, and,

WHEREAS the more difficult and controversial change to the previous iteration of this bill has been segregated to a separate bill, in the interest of clarity and ease of legislation,

THEREFORE the Senäts and Cosâ hereby approve the following amendment to the Organic Law, and transmit it to the populace for ratification:

Article III, sections 4 and 5 of the Organic Law are replaced in their entirety with the following text:
Section 4. The Throne shall be inherited by the descendants of His Majesty, John I, King of Talossa. The present Royal Family is styled El Ca Lupul (The House and Dynasty of Lupul). Should the King at any time renounce or lose his citizenship, that renunciation or loss shall be deemed to imply his abdication of the Throne. Upon the demise, abdication, or removal from the Throne of any King, the Crown shall pass to his next heir; but if the King has no heir, the Crown shall pass to the next heir of the previous King, or (if he in turn has no heir) to the next heir of the next previous King before him, and so on, back to King John.
For the purpose of determining who is the King's next heir, each person shall be followed in the line of succession by his natural legitimate children (whether born or unborn at the time of the King's death) in order of their birth (each followed by their own descendants).
Section 5. If the Crown should pass to any person who does not wish at that juncture to become King, who cannot legally be King, who is suspended from the line of succession, who is not a citizen of Talossa, or who has previously been King and has abdicated the Throne, it shall instead pass to the next person after him in the line of succession.

FURTHERMORE, the King, the Senäts, and the Cosâ in this present Ziu assembled, hereby enact that upon the ratification and proclamation of the above amendment, the House Law of 11 February 1989 and The Royal Succession Act (25RZ37) are repealed.

Uréu q'estadra så:
Alexandreu Davinescu (Senator, Maritiimi-Maxhestic)

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