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42RZ23 — The You're Fired; No, YOU'RE Fired Amendment

WHEREAS there exists the possibility that a Seneschal, perish the thought, disappears off the face of the earth during his or her service, and

WHEREAS there also exists the possibility that a Seneschal, perish the thought, may have lost the personal confidence of the Cosa, despite a majority of the Cosa retaining confidence in the government as a whole, so that the replacement of the person in the Seneschalsqab without dissolution of the Cosa and the holding of a full general election (as is currently the Cosa's only remedy, by voting no on the Vote of Confidence held in each Clark) is the wish of the Cosa, and

WHEREAS at present, a Seneschal who has, perish the thought, lost the confidence of the majority of the Cosa may instruct the Crown to dissolve the Cosa, despite the wishes of a majority of the Cosa to continue the government (if not the Seneschal) in office, and the Crown is obliged to act thusly, though such actions would be against the wishes of the representatives of a majority of His Majesty's Cosa, and

WHEREAS Organic Law currently does not say who gets to do Seneschal-type stuff if the Seneschal, perish the thought, resigns, and

WHEREAS all of those are bad things, and

WHEREAS good things are better than bad things, now

THEREFORE, the Ziu hereby recommends the following resolutions to amend Organic Law, and submits them to the people of the Kingdom of Talossa for ratification, and upon said ratification requests that His Majesty the King do promulgate the same:

RESOLVED, that a new section entitled "Section 6" be added to Article XI of the Organic Law, having the following language:
Should a petition supported by members of the Cosa holding more than half the seats therein be presented to the Crown instructing the King to replace the Seneschal, the King shall accede to the petition, and shall replace the Seneschal with any specific person named in the petition, or, lacking any specific recommendation for a successor, with any person who the Crown believes will command the confidence of the Cosa.
RESOLVED, that Article XII, Section 8 of Organic Law be amended so that the language
The Distáin shall act in the place of the Seneschál if the latter should die, or be unable to fulfil his duties due to medical reasons or absence from the country, until a new Seneschál shall be appointed.
The Distain shall act in place of the Seneschal in the event of the latter's death, resignation, absence, or disability, until a new Seneschal shall be appointed. The Ziu may by law establish procedures for determining the absence or disability of the Seneschal.
RESOLVED, that Article XIII, Section 3 of Organic Law be amended so that the clause
The Seneschal may appeal for such a Writ of Dissolution and the King may under no circumstances refuse such an appeal
The Seneschal may appeal for such a Writ of Dissolution, and if the appeal is presented accompanied by the explicit support of members of the Cosa representing a majority of seats therein, the King shall dissolve the Cosa effective immediately or, should the Cosa be in session, upon its next recess. If the appeal lacks such an explicit expression of support from a majority of the Cosa, the King shall not act on the appeal for a period of three days following its receipt, and shall then accede to the appeal but only if the Crown has not been presented during that time with a petition, supported by members of the Cosa representing more than half the seats therein, praying that the Cosa be not dissolved.

Uréu q'estadra sa,
Baron Tepistà (MC, RUMP)

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