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25RZ13 — The Zog Salute Act

WHEREAS Talossa from its earliest days has had a perverse connexion with Albania; and

WHEREAS, As an expression of Albanian mini-nationalism, 30s Albanian dictator King Zog I introduced a special "Zog Salute", consisting of raising the right arm as if to make a 'fascist' salute but bending the elbow back across the chest with the palm downward; and

WHEREAS during his first Haxh to the Great Motherland in early 1998, Tomás Gariçéir introduced the "Zog Salute" to the people of mainland Talossa, where it received the appropriate guffaws and exclamations of disbelief; and

WHEREAS use of the "Zog Salute" has become popular as a jocular expression of bumptious nationalism for Talossa;

THEREFORE the Ziu hereby establishes the "Zog Salute" as the official salute of the Kingdom of Talossa and encourages its public display at all Talossan social functions.

Uréu q'estadra så:
Robert Ben Madison - (PC-Vuode)

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