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RZ29 - The Honours Bill
Primary Sources: see Acts of the 53rd Cosa

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Ziu 53rd Clark 6th (October 2019)
Sponsored by: Miestrâ Schivâ - (MC, FREEDEMS)

Cosa.png Cosa: PASSED in the Cosâ
PER 189 — CON 0 — AUS 0

Senats.png Senäts: PASSED in the Senäts
PER 4 — CON 1 — AUS 1

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RZ29 - The Honours Bill

WHEREAS Minister Txoteu Davinescù proposed a complete revamping of Talossa's honours system to the King and to the people more than 2 months ago;

AND WHEREAS, despite regular and heated discussion, no alternative system has been seriously proposed;

AND WHEREAS this Government aims to break the pattern of Talossan behaviour whereby things are just "given up" in the face of opposition;

AND WHEREAS specific amendments to this Bill from MZs will be gratefully considered;

BE IT ENACTED by the King, Cosâ and Senäts of Talossa in Ziu assembled as follows:

1. The following new section shall be added to El Lexhátx: F. 40 The Talossan Honours System

The Talossan Honours System is administered by the Chancellery of Honours under the Minister of Culture and is divided into two categories: Orders and Decorations.

   The Talossan Honours System has both Dynastic (Honours created by the sovereign in which membership is considered a personal gift of the sitting monarch, granted without advice of the government) and National (Honours created by Talossan law and tradition and membership in which is granted on the advice of the Government) elements. Most have a number of grades to acknowledge different levels of achievement and giving flexibility to the awarding body. The appointment to an order also entitles the appointee to post-nominal letters.
       Dynastic Orders
           The Order for the Nation (L'Urderi per la Naziun): The Order for the Nation is the senior order and is the most commonly awarded. The Crown recognises worthy citizens, offering them admission into the order for long and dedicated service to the nation, or for particular acts of valour in the defence of the realm. The Order of the Nation has one grade, that of Knight or Dame, and are entitled to add the honorific 'UrN' to their name.
       National Orders
           The Order of the Purple Tongue: (L'Urðeri dal Glhimba Purpül) The Order of the Purple Tongue is the Order of Knighthood reserved by the Crown for recognition of outstanding contributions to the fields of Talossan language use, study, or development. The Order of the Purple Tongue has one grade, that of Knight or Dame, and are entitled to add the honorific 'UrGP' to their name.
           The Order of the Flag (L'Urðeri del Bicoloreu): The Order of the Flag is reserved by the Crown for recognition of outstanding contributions in patriotic acts, and (with Crossed Sabers) for outstanding military merit to the nation through leadership, development and long service in the Talossan Armed Forces. The Order of the Flag has one grade, that of Knight or Dame, and admitted members to the order are entitled to add the honorific 'UrB' to their name.
   Decorations are awarded for gallantry, civilian bravery, or meritorious services. While similar to National Orders, they may or may not be created by the sovereign and conferred by either the Crown’s designee or a Governmental Body; and are traditional worn on the left side of the jacket or dress. Decorations may also entitle recipients to usage of post-nominals.
       National Decorations
           The Medal of Cincinnatus: The “Medal of Cincinnatus” may be awarded by the King in recognition for acts of extraordinary Talossanicity in the face of opposition. Recipients of this Medal are entitled to follow their names with the honorific “Cin.”
           The Seneschál’s Medals: The Seneschál’s Medal is the highest award given by the government of Talossa. The Seneschal's Medal is awarded by the Seneschal for outstanding contributions to the Kingdom and are awarded in the following categories:
               The Seneschál’s Medal for the Arts – Honorific of SMA
               The Seneschál’s Medal for Science – Honorific of SMS
               The Seneschál’s Medal for Culture – Honorific of SMC
               The Seneschál’s Medal for Literature and Language – Honorific of SML
               The Seneschál’s Medal for Merit – Honorific of SMM
           Senatorial Medal of Honour: The Senatorial Medal of Honour is the highest award given by the Ziu. It was established by 25RZ77, The Senatorial Medal of Honour Act. Recipients are entitled to add the honorific S.H. after their names. The medal is awarded by a Resolution of the Senate with Royal Assent.
           The Talossan Meritorious Service Cross, with post-nominal letters MSC, is specifically intended to recognize those individuals who through meritorious acts performed outside Talossa which bring benefit and honour to the Kingdom of Talossa and the Crown. While the military division of this award recognises those highly professional acts that are of considerable benefit to the Armed Services, the civilian counterpart honours similar acts—whether in athletics, diplomatic relations, humanitarian activities, etc.— benefiting the nation as a whole.
       Provincial Honours & Decorations Each of the Talossan provinces have duly authorized internal honours system of their own, allowing for the recognition of their citizens directly. For the purpose of Order of Wear, all Provincial Honours are worn in the order in which the respective province came under the Crown, oldest province in the most senior position and descending from there.

2. El Lexhátx F.31 (establishing the Prime Minister's Literary Awards), H.18 (establishing the Senatorial Medal of Honour), and H.19 (establishing the Medal of Cincinnatus) are hereby DELETED.

Uréu q'estadra så: Miestrâ Schivâ - (MC, FREEDEMS)