Adam da Simeon

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His ÁrTal profile here.

Adam Levì da Simeon is a Florencian citizen who immigrated to Talossa on 3-4-2013. He has a basic but growing knowledge of the Talossan Language.

Adam da Simeon

Arms of Adam da Simeon
Province: Florencia
Citizenship Date: March 3, 2013
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Outside Talossa

Outside Talossa, Da Simeon loves doing various activities, such as conworlding and gaming. He locally advocates moderate liberalism and atheism.

He also can do basic programming, in languages such as Lua, and JS.


Da Simeon joined Talossa on 3-4-2013. He later got his arms in the 2013 St. Aaron's day. He later attended TAL1259 to learn more Talossan. On the 10th of August he became a news submitter of the Talossan Observer.

After being discovered to be under the voting age, he moved more largely to nonpolitical activities, such as being helping Prospectives by being in the NCC. Later, on the second of Febuary 2014, he joined the Talossan Atheistic Alliance.



Da Simeon is a submitter and advitiser of the Talossan Observer. He submitted 5 news articles and so far all were published.


Adam da Simeon also is a TALOSSAssistant in the NCC. He regularly helps out prospectives become citizens.