Alèxandreu Soleighlfred

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Alèxandreu Soleighlfred

Arms of Alèxandreu Soleighlfred
Citizenship Date: 19 March 2009
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Alèxandreu Soleighlfred (also spelled Soleiglhfred) is a citizen of Talossa and of the province Cézembre. He became a citizen on 19 March 2009/XXX. He is the first Russian in the Kingdom of Talossa and the northernmost citizen of the Kingdom. His coat of arms is blazoned as Sable a candle argent encircled by an ouroboros or and in chief a label or.

Earlier in his Talossan life he was also known as Alèxandreu Likazar and Alèxandreu Bisquinc.


Soleighlfred was granted citizenship on his birthday, 19 March 2009/XXX. He was a member of the FGP party, then had a short period of membership in the Progressive Party, which he represented in the Senate. He left that party in August 2011, to found the Moderate Radical Party of Talossa with fellow Progressive Glüc da Dhi.

In the Moderate Radicals, he went on to serve as Secretary, being responsible for a large part of the party's internal structure. Soleiglhfred served as the first Party Whip between 2011-2013 and sat in the Cosa for four years; despite being one of the most prominent MRPT members while in opposition, he never accepted any Cabinet posts. He however left the Cosa after his failure to vote in July 2014 caused the failure of the vote of no confidence against the Da Dhi Cabinet.

After having to serve a year in Russian Armed Forces until October, 2015, he felt alienation from Talossa and renounced his membership in MRPT on January, 4th, 2016. He then went inactive for a month. On February, 18, 2016, he announced formation of a new party, Hard Reality Paradigm, which later morphed in the Cause Against Civilization. He then briefly left Talossa, only to return in June when he was welcomed back in the MRPT.

Soleiglhfred finally rejoined the MRPT's Cosa caucus in the 50th Cosa, but he didn't accept any seats in the following terms. After the dissolution of the MRPT, which he tried to avert by convening a "Refoundational Gathering of Centrists", he remains an independent, although he accepted seats in L'Etats from Lüc da Schir's Independent Moderate Radicals.

Other activities

Soleiglhfred a winner of 2013 Second Annual Maricopan Poker Tournament.

He is a member of Talossan Press Association, having released one issue of Talossan Sceptic Times. He later was a chief editor of the Zoneu Auþorisat newspaper, which was active in 2017-2018.

As an expression of his atheist views has founded the Talossan Atheist Alliance, which was then reformed to Talossan Secular Alliance.


Preceded by
Nikü Spyropoulos
Senator for Cézembre
41st Cosa - Dissolution of the 41st Cosa
Succeeded by
Glüc da Dhi
Member of Cosa 43rd  44th  45th  46th  51st  


Preceded by
Glüc da Dhi
Sénéchal of Cézembre
3 November 2017/XXXVIII - 31 July 2018/XXXIX
Succeeded by
Thor Deyaert
Preceded by
Niclau Patíci
Sénéchal of Cézembre
23 May 2013/XXXIV - 27 January 2014/XXXV
Succeeded by
Owen Edwards
Member of L'États de Cézembre 44th  45th  46th  47th  50th  51st