April 1986 General Election

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The April 1986 General Election was the third democratic election to be held in Talossa. The election began on 10 March 1986/VII and was held earlier than scheduled so to resolve a conflict between King Ben and Danihel Lauriéir.

According to the Big History, the election was ran under a ranked choice ballot, rather than the "one man, one vote" system adopted for the previous ones.

Parties contesting the election

Result of the Election

Party Percentage of votes
PC 25.1
FUN 14.4
MN 14.3
TNP 14.3
DDP 14.1
PL 17.8


Frédéric Maugey continued to serve as Talossa's third Prime Minister, putting together a coalition of PC-FUN-MN. The Liberal Party of Florence Yarney was excluded, allegedly because of supporting DDP candidates during the election.