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A map of Talossa showing provincial boundaries (indicated by colour) and canton boundaries (indicated by dark lines).

Cantons (els Cantôns) are the smallest possible territorial subdivision of Talossa.

Cantons can be transfered from one jurisdiction to another, however, it is inorganic for a Canton to secede from Talossa. A Canton is based on census tracts and are made up from Townships (census blocks) and Parishes (block groups).

A Talossan territory is considered a canton in it's own right.

List of Talossan Cantons

Atatürk Province

  • Abbavilla
  • Flúvia Montevúdio

Benito Province

  • Lançacuratx
  • Utulfaçeir

Cézembre Province

  • Zone Autorisée
  • Zone Interdite

Fiôvâ Province

  • Cüféir
  • Las Înaltàns Maxhéstici

Florencia Province

  • Florencia

Maricopa Province

  • Prachelion
  • Schneideriâ
  • Weserniâ

Maritiimi-Maxhestic Province

  • Frédéricville
  • Jahnhaven
  • Port Maxhestic

Vuode Province