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  The Cort Pü Inalt ([koɾt py ɨnˈaɬt] ( )), or Uppermost Court, is the chief judicial body in Talossa, responsible for interpreting the laws of the Ziu or Prime Dictates of the Seneschal, in light of the Organic Law and the principles of the nation, and derives its authority from Article VIII of the Organic Law. It is the court of last resort for all judicial verdicts.

The Cort Pü Inalt consists of one Senior Judge and three Puisne Judges, nominated by the Ziu and confirmed by the King. Judges serve a term of five years, which may be renewed as prescribed by law, or until they retire or are removed in accordance with Article VIII, Section 5 of the Organic Law and el Lexhatx article G.11. The Cort Pü Inalt underwent significant changes following the implementation of the Judiciary Amendment of 2020 (54RZ25).

An inferior court, the General Cort, was instituted by the Ziu to supplement the Cort Pü Inalt's ability to manage its burden. The Clerk of Courts is an appointed position that receives cases and presents them to the Cort Pü Inalt.

Current Composition

Judge Position Appointed on Replacing
Dame Litz Cjantscheir, UrN Senior Judge 1 Mar 2014/XXXV (46RZ03) Asmourescu
Owen Edwards Puisne Judge 22 Apr 2015/XXXVI (47RZ40) new seat[1]
Istefan Perþonest Puisne Judge 31 Jan 2021/XLII (55RZ17) Tamorán

Former members

The Judiciary Amendment of 2020 retired the use of Justice and restyled members of the Cort Pü Inalt as Judge. The article uses the historic title of Justice and present title of Judge interchangeably.

The terms "Senior" and "Puisne" (earlier, "Associate") were only introduced later. Weston Erni was the first to bear the title of Senior Justice, and also the first Justice that was appointed to replace one of the three original members.

Some nominations were rejected by the Ziu:

  • Former Seneschal Robert Murphy in 1989, to succeed Justice Lauriéir, defeated 38-133 after Murphy announced Peculiarist ideas in stark contrast with the then-PC majority; Lauriéir was found to have never legally resigned, and went on to retire the following year.
  • Former Seneschal Sir Samuhel Tecladeir in 2009, to the vacant seat held by retiring Senior Justice Ian von Metáiriâ; eventually, Fritz von Buchholtz was confirmed a few months later.

Justices/Judges who have served as Senior Justice/Judge are marked in bold.

Justice/Judge Position Appointed on Replacing Stepped down on Reason
Viteu Marcianüs Puisne Judge 29 Feb 2020/XLI (54RZ11) Ardpresteir 16 May 2023/XLIV Resigned
Txec Róibeard Nordselva Puisne Justice 22 Apr 2015/XXXVI new seat[1] [2] 08 Aug 2020/XLI Retired
Ián M.T. Tamorán, S.H. Senior Justice 31 May 2012/XXXIII (43RZ30) Castiglha[3] 31 March 2020/XLI Retired
Béneditsch Ardpresteir Puisne Justice 22 Apr 2015/XXXVI (47RZ40) new seat[1] 23 Sept 2018/XXXIX Resigned
Timoþi T.M. Asmourescu Puisne Justice 1 Jun 2012/XXXIII (43RZ30) Siervicül[3] 4 Jan 2014/XXXV Resigned
Sir Tamorán dal Navâ, UrN Senior Justice[3][4] 31 May 2012/XXXIII (43RZ30) von Buchholtz[3] 21 Jun 2014/XXXV Retired
The Lord von Buchholtz Puisne Justice 22 Dec 2009/XXX (40RZ22) von Metáiriâ (4) 3 May 2012/XXXIII Retired
Sir Cresti M. Siervicül, UrN Puisne and Senior[5] 22 Nov 2005/XXVI (35RZ19) Moisan 23 May 2012/XXXIII Removed by 43RZ21
The Lord Castiglha Puisne Justice 22 Sep 2006/XXVII (36RZ06) Laurieir (2) 23 May 2012/XXXIII Removed by 43RZ22
The Duke von Metáiriâ (3) Puisne and Senior[6] 22 Nov 2005/XXVI (35RZ18) Velmeir late 2009 No longer a citizen
The Count Lauriéir (2) Puisne and Senior[7] 23 Aug 2004/XXV (33RZ03) Verbotten (2) late 2006 Retired
Marc Moisan Puisne Justice 24 Dec 2004/XXV (33RZ17) von Metáiriâ (3) late 2005 No longer a citizen
The Duke von Metáiriâ (3) Puisne Justice 30 Oct 2003/XXIV (32RZ05) Muth 4 Nov 2004/XXV Resigned
Art Verbotten (2) Puisne Justice Oct 1999/XX (26RZ02) von Metáiriâ (2) 14 Apr 2004/XXV No longer a citizen
Cheneþ Velméir Puisne and Senior[8] Jun 1998/XIX (24RZ17) Buffone 20 Aug 2005/XXVI No longer a citizen
Matthias Muth Puisne and Senior[9] Sep 1997/XVIII (23RZ08) Verbotten (1) Oct 2003/XXIV Retired
Thomas Buffone Puisne Justice Sep 1997/XVIII (23RZ07) Toumayan May 1998/XIX Removed by 24RZ06
Geoffrey Toumayan Puisne Justice Mar 1997/XVIII Erni August 1997/XVIII Retired
Art Verbotten (1) Puisne Justice Dec 1993/XIV (17RZ09) Kovac August 1997/XVIII Retired
Ián von Metáiriâ (2) Puisne and Senior[10] 1993/XIV (16RZ30) Schneider 1999/XX Retired
Nicholas Kovac - 1993/XIV (16RZ08) Madison 1993/XIV Removed by 17RZ09
Jack Schneider - 1991/XII (13RZ12) Laurieir (1) ? 1993/XIV Removed by 16RZ30
Weston Erni Senior Justice[11] Nov 1990/XI (12RZ14) von Metáiriâ (1) March 1997/XVIII Retired
Danihel Lauriéir (1) - 1987/VIII (6RZ13) Cort estabilished 24 November 1990/XI Retired
Ben Madison - 1987/VIII (6RZ13) Cort estabilished 1993/XIV Retired
Ián von Metáiriâ (1) - 1987/VIII (6RZ13) Cort estabilished 7 November 1990/XI Retired

Temporary Justices

During the 1988 case Lauriéir v. Talossa, both Justices Lauriéir and Madison were parties to the case, and therefore Robert Murphy and Tom Buffone were chosen as replacements. Buffone would eventually go on to join the Court in his own right in 1997; Murphy, tapped by Lauriéir to replace him on the Court in 1989, was voted down by the Cosa.

This happened again during a case over the 21 January 1989 Living Cosa: Justices Lauriéir (again the plaintiff) and Madison recused and were replaced for the duration of the case by Art Verbotten and Buffone. Verbotten would too be later appointed as a full Justice, serving between 1993-1997 and 1999-2004.

Justices Emeritus

The following are Justices Emeritus of the Uppermost Court - former Justices who are still Talossan citizens. The title has no legal meaning but is sometimes used in signatures and literature.

  • Former Puisne Justice Txec Róibeard dal Nordselvă, O.SPM., SMM.;
  • Former Senior Justice Ian Tamoran, S.H.;
  • Former Senior Justice Sir Cresti M. Siervicül;
  • Former Senior Justice Sir Tamorán dal Navâ;
  • Former Senior Justice Quedeir, Baron Castiglha;
  • Former Puisne Justice Béneditsch Ardpresteir.

List of Senior Justices/Judges

Tenure Justice/Judge Appointed Justice on Became Senior Stepped down Other Justices while Senior
No Senior Justice from 1987 to 1994.
1 Weston Erni Nov 1990/XI (12RZ14) 1994 (position created) March 1997/XVIII von Metairia and Verbotten
2 Ian von Metairia 1993/XIV (16RZ30) March 1997/XVIII Oct 1999/XX Verbotten, Toumayan, Buffone, Muth and Velméir
3 Matthias Muth Sep 1997/XVIII (23RZ08) Oct 1999/XX Oct 2003/XXIV Velméir and Verbotten
4 Cheneþ Velméir Jun 1998/XIX (24RZ17) Oct 2003/XXIV 20 Aug 2005/XXVI Verbotten, von Metairia, Laurieir and Moisan
5 The Count Laurieir 23 Aug 2004/XXV (33RZ03) 20 Aug 2005/XXVI late 2006 von Metairia and Siervicül
6 The Duke von Metairia 22 Nov 2005/XXVI (35RZ18) late 2006 late 2009 Siervicül and Castiglha
7 Sir Cresti M. Siervicül, UrN 22 Nov 2005/XXVI (35RZ19) late 2009 23 May 2012/XXXIII Castiglha and von Buchholtz
8 Sir Tamorán dal Navâ, UrN 31 May 2012/XXXIII (43RZ30) 31 May 2012/XXXIII 21 Jun 2014/XXXV Asmourescu, Tamoran and Cjantscheir
9 Ián M.T. Tamorán, S.H. 31 May 2012/XXXIII (43RZ30) 21 Jun 2014/XXXV 31 Mar 2020/XLI Cjantscheir, Edwards, Nordselva, Marcianüs and Ardpresteir
10 Dame Litz Cjantscheir, UrN 1 Mar 2014/XXXV (46RZ03) 31 May 2020/XLI current Edwards, Marcianüs, and Perþonest (current court)


The list below is an incomplete list. Find more information on recent cases at Law:Cort Records.















  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 One of the three preexisting seats was vacant due to dal Navâ's retirement.
  2. Following his retirement, the seat occupied by Puisne Judge Nordselva was eliminated when the Ziu enacted the Community Jurist (JP Restoration) Bill (55RZ7).
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 The order of the new Justices taking office in the 2012 reshuffle, and who they replaced, was determined by 43RZ30, which appointed, in this precise order, Sir Tamorán dal Nava, Timoþi Asmourescu and Ián Tamorán to the first vacancies available. Having Justice von Buchholtz retired first, dal Nava succeeded him and was made Senior Justice; Justices Siervicül and Castiglha were removed by legislation in the same Clark later that month, so the lower numbered removal bill (Siervicül's) was determined to have vacated the next seat for Asmourescu, and the last vacated seat (Castiglha's) was therefore occupied by Tamoran.
  4. Immediately made Senior Justice
  5. Senior Justice after von Metáiriâ (4) quit
  6. Senior Justice after Laurieir (2) quit
  7. Senior Justice after Velmeir quit
  8. Senior Justice after Muth quit
  9. Senior Justice after von Metáiriâ (1) quit
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  11. After passage of 18RZ09 (1994)