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The Crown is the term used for the King of Talossa when acting as a member of the Ziu.

The power of the Crown is exercised by the Sovereign in the approval or veto of bills passed by the two representative houses of the Ziu, the Cosa and the Senate.

The Crown traditionally indicates assent to a bill using the Talossan words El regeu en volt, which means "The King wishes it." Upon such declaration, a bill becomes law immediately.

Vetoes must be announced by the King before the conclusion of the calendar month during which the bill was passed. Should the Crown veto a bill, it is returned to the two houses of the Ziu to be taken up during the next Clark. Vetoes are typically announced using the phrasing El regeu non en volt ("The King does not wish it"), and the Sovereign is obliged to indicate his reason for using the veto power to return the bill to the other houses. Should it be passed again, during that subsequent Clark, with a two-thirds majority in both houses, the assent of the Crown is not sought, and the bill becomes law.

Should the Crown fail to act upon (either by assenting to or vetoing) any bill before the conclusion of the calendar month during which it was passed, the act is considered assented to, and becomes law.