Dale Morris

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Dale Morris

Dale W. Morris (also known by his Talossan name, Vál Taloçáit) was a citizen of Talossa and of Maricopa Province. He became a Talossan citizen on 1 March 1997 and was appointed Seneschal less than two months later.

Morris served as Prime Minister during the 22nd and 23rd Cosas, spanning the period during which the 1997 Organic Law was drafted and ratified.


Preceded by
Albrec'ht Mananséir
22 April 1997/XVIII - 19 January 1998/XIX
Succeeded by
Dan Wardlow
Preceded by
Evan Gallagher
Senator for Cézembre
23rd Cosa (Clark 4) - 23rd Cosa (Clark 5)
Succeeded by
Gjermund Higraff