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Evan P. Gallagher (Adiêns Glaçâ) is a former citizen of Talossa and of Cézembre province.

Gallagher became a Talossan citizen on 1 October 1996. He became Secretary of State on 1 January 1997 and served in that office through the drafting and institution of the 1997 Organic Law during the 22nd Cosa. He became the first Senator for Cézembre after that chamber was created.

In August 1997, he was the plaintiff in one of the most significant cases argued before the Uppermost Court, Glaçâ v. Støtanneu, in which he sued the paper Støtanneu for libel.

On 26 September 1997, after the first Clark of the 23rd Cosa, Gallagher left Talossan life. At that time, the office of Secretary of State was handed over to Charles Sauls, and Dale Morris soon assumed his Senate seat.


Preceded by
Sean Hert
Secretary of State
1 January 1997/XVIII - 1 October 1997/XVIII
Succeeded by
Charles Sauls
Preceded by
(Office created)
Senator for Cézembre
23rd Cosa - 23rd Cosa (Clark 1)
Succeeded by
Dale Morris