Harrison Wozniak

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Harry Wosniak

James Harrison (Harry) Wozniak (b. 27 June 1964) was a citizen of Talossa. A schoolmate of Robert I, in July of 1981 he became the fifth citizen of the nation.


Wozniak served as Seneschal during the 11th Cosa. He was sworn into office by King Robert I in Hooligan's Super Bar (now the namesake of the Barony of Hooligan) in Florencia Province on 16 March 1980. Wozniak was a member of the Peculiar Way party, which had been formed as a party intended to make peace between the adversarial parties headed by Robert I and Ian von Metairia. After the PW won the election of February 1980, Wozniak then succeeded his party's Danihel Laurieir as Prime Minister, after Laurieir resigned only one week into his term.

Wrote Robert I, "In an odd way, Wozniak was the perfect Prime Minister for his time. Talossans' social lives were rapidly diverging from Talossa, and there was a general wane of public interest in the country. Participation plummeted. However, Ián Metáiriâ and Ben Madison had had a political reconciliation of sorts, and their two parties combined to vote Wozniak out of office on the May, 1990 Vote of Confidence. Wozniak became the first Prime Minister ever to lose his office as the result of losing a Vote of Confidence."

Wozniak's party, the Peculiar Way, continued the Talossan left-wing tradition of refusing to run for re-election, and Wosniak later left Talossan life on 14 February 1995. His wife Melanie Freeman then lost her citizenship through three-strikes on 14 December 1996, which also terminated the citizenship of their dandelion son, Andrew.


Born in Barbados, Wozniak took part for that country in the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, competing in swimming. He took part in the 200m Butterfly (32th/35), 200m Individual Medley (37th/42) and 400m Individual Medley (19th/23).


Preceded by
Danihel Laurieir
16 March 1990/XI - 27 September 1990/XI
Succeeded by
Weston Erni