Ian Eschemplarh

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Ian Eschemplarh is a citizen of Talossa and resident of Rooster Cogburn State. Ian has been a Member of Cosa for the Salamandastron Party for two terms. Ian is a strong advocate for the idea that the first paragraph of a citizen's page on TalossaWiki should begin with their name in bold and their province, and should then include the major offices or organizations that they currently hold.

Ian was a longtime member of TATER, and has spent years working towards that organization's goals. Along with Natty Bumppo, Ian was a Seeker for the Cogburn Quidditch team. In 2007/XXVIII he was replaced by Amelia Pond. Ian's second paragraph has information about older offices and organizations. These are positions or interests that Ian no longer is involved with, or that weren't important enough for the first paragraph (which should be a concise summary). Later paragraphs can talk about all kinds of things, or other elements of the citizen's history.

Ian's page here is an excellent illustration of how to correctly write a citizen's page: it is written in third person, begins with a direct summary, links to other useful places, and uses many of the amazing templates we have here. All offices and people listed here are fake.

At the bottom, under their own heading, come the offices. They should be ranked in the order listed in the table of precedence, as possible. Roughly speaking, this means anything royal, then the government, then royal household, then provincial, and then anything that's not within the Kingdom of Talossa (but is still relevant).


Member of Cosa 86th  87th  
Preceded by
Jára Cimrman
Cogburn Seeker
13 Mar 2006/XXVII - 12 Nov 2007/XXVIII
Succeeded by
Amelia Pond
Cogburn Quidditch 2006 Season  2007 Season